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Butcher paper crunched under an oily towel, like teeth grinding. Don't you want to say yes? His grandmother is the type of person who would give you 50 bucks for your birthday after burning your favorite stuffed animal in a barrel out back. They were the kind of couple that we found most nauseating, couples with dingy hair and pimpled faces, always too fat, too skinny, too tall, too short, and mismatched so that two fat ones, two tall ones never seemed to find each other. What she did after school, because she hadn't signed up for extracurriculars.

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It was like the Transylvaniess was on a permanent period, a permanent state of blood brimming out of control, blood lust at her fingertips.

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I drink like my father before me and his father before him, ambassadors just the same. She lives close to her parents, who are good people and generous about inviting her friends to dinner, not asking too many questions. Many times I thought I was so close to the castle I could hear snoring, but then I was back on the road to my house, naked and scratched all over, the sun greeting me with its laughter. Irises a soft brown, pupils vanishing as if they were designed for night vision, like a cat's. What is going to pay the fucking rent? The baby swimmers swung their arms out in the direction of the big pool, hailing the superior swimmers, bowing their heads, tucking their chins in to their necks as the action passed on. Our class was a fraction of the size it was when we started as freshmen, back when we'd all been tripped by the upperclassmen together.

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