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She wants to feel sexy, but not do outright porn. Thanks for the detailed response DFR. If their goal when they started was to make the naked female form more socially acceptable, then they've succeeded in that goal. I can remember a few episodes where she showed them, in the most recent one we got a pretty great shot of them Blacklist user Reply. ToothpickTorture - 0. Not sure about the source but here's the full webm I found it from:

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And their reasoning for this actually makes sense to me.

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Email me on new: I'd rather wait months between the pics we get from her and get the kind of stuff we do than get 10, red carpet peep toe shoe pics a week. Not sure about the source but here's the full webm I found it from: Playboy asked her to do a non-nude playboy shoot, and she said "as long as I can be silly and have tons of pizza" and they said yes. The obligatory pregnant feet picture. Now does that mean she might be open to doing a nude shoot for another company at some point in the future?

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  1. Lmao "I have to go to work but i have a boner" best plot progression 10/10

  2. you willing to accept weak bitch catering bs from these clowns, but im not, you best deal with this, your insults not going to change how i post