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I should probably invest in a good vibrator. After hearing her apology for showing up half naked, I did my best to relieve her sense of urgency, hoping not to embarrass her. Then, using light pressure, she slowly brought them together in a gradual pinching motion. My chest heaved the moment I realized it had just been written the day before. I could see her returning from work in her black fuck-me pumps, the stale odor of damp, sweaty nylon spreading through the air as she took off her shoes and asked me to rub her swollen feet. So the last thing I wanted to do was call any undue attention to it right away. Knowing how critical some women are, she might have described herself as overweight.

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The sweet, tangy liquid filling my open mouth magically transported me back to infancy.

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I masturbated 3 times and climaxed every time. I was too distracted by the softness of the nylon against my fingers, helpless to stop my hands from steadily caressing her hose-covered hips and thighs, as she urgently reached through my open zipper, trying in vain to feel my cock, only to be blocked by a pair of her very own pantyhose, gasping in shock. Her eyes stared intently as she quietly held her breath. As we walked in, on the left was a combination dining and living room area, divided by sliding double doors. My mother in law worn pantyhose. If I get tired of standing, I can always sit on your lap.

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