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Originally Posted by ithejosh. I was no longer in school when the pictures leaked, as I had graduated two years earlier. My investigation came to an abrupt halt one evening when I was told that my nudes were originally on a larger online document that had been shared with even more boys. I was scolded by a friend for sending the pictures in the first place. Crumple the paper into a ball, and straighten it back out. Many men and boys, who would never dream of doing any of the acts Harvey Weinstein has been accused of, still think it acceptable to share naked pictures of strangers, as if the internet is exempt from social norms. Topics Sexual harassment Opinion.

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So, as time went on and our feelings grew stronger, I warmed up to the idea of sending him some sexy shots.

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The REAL Reason Guys Ask For *Nude* Pictures!

Clicking the 'block' link helps bring it to the Reddit admin's attention. The BGA page serves up a steady stream of dick pics, screenshots of bad pickup lines and teenage DTF messages on tinder, dark stories about abusive relationships, horror tales of random hookups gone wrong, and call-outs for 'body positive' photos. Since then, membership has quadrupled to overThe two groups often clash online. Originally Posted by stircrazy Log in or sign up in seconds. If someone told me my pic was 'boring', there is absolutely no way I'd be like 'ooh okay, well then I better strip down and show you'.

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