Shes dating someone else now

You did fine by acting cool throughout, and you could continue to respond to her in that manner and slowly show off the changes you've made since the breakup to come across as more attractive. We have so much in common and shes perfect. It's likely that she still has feelings for you but has developed an internal conflict with herself because she's still in a relationship, hence her sudden text to you to try and validate her own thoughts. Should I just continue to be "just" friends with her and wait? Ive made no contact since we got back, I was so hurt but seeing that picture made me close that chapter to know she didnt love me but used me. I'm 19 years old, my ex is He just didn't seem like the type of guy to do that, especially since he would say I'd never do that to anyone since both of his exes cheated.

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You've been together for two years and there's a chance she still loves and misses you but let her be the one to say she's ready.

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Getting your ex back when she's dating someone else

I just wanna get over with this whole thing. However, if he had started seeing that person while you were still together, and even living under the same roof, he isn't worth it since he doesn't seem to understand the context of cheating or what it means to be in a relationship. In the end, you have two choices. I was always very open and honest to him about my life and everything going on but he never truly opened up to me about anything. Well anyway, he broke up with me almost three months ago.

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shes dating someone else now
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shes dating someone else now
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