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She is unaware of his death until after Black Cindy reluctantly testifies against her. Healy generally appears weary and often tells the inmates what they want to hear so they will leave him alone — he later admits to his own counselor that he is dissatisfied with his job, having gone into it with such idealistic notions of changing the world, but his experiences have left him cynical. In the fifth season, Alex and Piper help MCC executive Linda Ferguson avoid being taken hostage by the rioters by disguising her as a prisoner. Piper eventually repairs their relationship by making a lotion to help soothe Red's injured back. However, when she is speaking to a reverend that openly disparages homosexuals she is unable to continue her ruse and angrily insults him in retaliation. Now we know why all the guys love Scarlett Johansson However, as the guards begin to get increasingly violent and draconian, Maria starts to use her power to help protect and rally the other inmates.

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Later on, she attempts to speak to Poussey's spirit with some of the other inmates.

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Every single ‘Orange is the New Black’ inmate, ranked

Trivia The title sequence features close-ups of the faces of real former inmates, including a brief shot of Piper Kermanwhose book was the basis for the TV series. Tiffany dislikes Piper after she is placed on the WAC committee despite Piper not having run for the position, and also has a long-running hostile relationship with Alex, with the two of them clashing frequently. She is a mother of two boys. This Friday June 13"Orange is the New Black" will finally return to Netflix after its typical year-long hiatus — exactly a year, to the date, since we all end up binging it in a single day like insatiable monsters. I have no clue WTF this is? It is soon pointed out to her that she actually knows almost nothing about her new husband, and she realizes that it may well be true when she is asked what his favorite color is and cannot answer. Though, that doesn't mean he never hits the gym.

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