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Sen the Draenei by StretchySophie By: Garona proved to be skilled with almost any weapon she held, but Gul'dan was not satisfied. Though Garona was happy to be reunited with her son, she explains that until Cho'gall is dead he being the only one left who knows the safe word that would control herit was not safe for her to be around him and that he should stay with his great uncle for now. When Teron Gorefiend and his cohorts broke off from the Horde to acquire these artifacts, they were unknowingly followed by Garona. Garona fighting Varian Wrynn issue

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Garona Halforcen

Shadowbites, and the crown By: Aranos's costume idea Belly By: Though Garona did not know it, Eitrigg in fact allowed her to escape. While her party was wiped out, she was spared and sent back to relay a message to the warlock Gul'dan. In the World of Warcraft Wildstorm comicshe is portrayed, similar to her older renditions, with dominant orcish features. Garona would be raised in barracks with her father's people. She spoke of her actions during the Second War and so, openly confessed to killing King Llane.

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pregant draenei girls nude
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